The Ghost Miner’s Treasure

The Ghost Miner’s Treasure
$11.99 Paperback / $4.99 Ebook
Series: Haunted, Book 4
Genre: Paranormal
Tag: 2016 Spring
Publisher: Spellbound River Press
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 154 pages
ASIN: 1945017023
ISBN: 9781945017025

In The Ghost Miner’s Treasure, Book 4 of the Haunted series by Chris Eboch, Jon and Tania travel with the ghost hunter TV show to the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, where the ghost of an old miner is still looking for his lost mine. The siblings want to help him move on, but first they’ll have to find the mine.

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About the Book

What do you do when a ghost needs your help?

The ghost hunter TV show has a new case, in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona! Jon and Tania meet the ghost of an old miner who is still looking for his lost mine. The siblings want to help him move on – but to resolve the problem keeping him here, they’ll have to find the mine. And even then, the old ghost may be having too much fun to leave!

It’s a good thing Tania can see and talk to the ghost. The kids will need his help to survive the rigors of a mule train through the desert. No one else seems to know what to do when faced with dangers such as a flash flood. Then there’s the suspicious treasure hunter who wants the gold mine for himself….

Life isn’t easy when your sister sees ghosts. But it sure is an adventure!

“Haunted is a fun read with some thrills and chills and has the added bonus of some genuine, compassionate personalities.”
– School Library Journal

Book 4 of the Haunted series by Chris Eboch.

About the Author
Chris Eboch

Chris Eboch is the author of over 30 books for children, including nonfiction and fiction, early reader through teen. Her Haunted series features a brother and sister who travel with their parents’ ghost hunter TV show and try to help the ghosts, while keeping their activities secret from meddling grownups. It includes The Ghost on the Stairs, The Riverboat Phantom, The Knight in the Shadows, and The Ghost Miner’s Treasure. Chris's other novels for ages nine and up include The Eyes of Pharaoh, a mystery in ancient Egypt; The Well of Sacrifice, a Mayan adventure; and The Genie’s Gift, a middle eastern fantasy. Her writing craft books include You Can Write for Children: How to Write Great Stories, Articles, and Books for Kids and Teenagers, and Advanced Plotting.

Learn more at or her Amazon page or  sign up for her newsletter.

Chris also writes for adults under the name Kris Bock. Kris Bock romantic suspense novels feature outdoor adventures and Southwestern landscapes. Read excerpts at or visit her Amazon page.

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