Save the Date! Operation Golden Llama Releases on Friday, May 13

The last book in Spellbound River Press’s debut list will be on the shelves one week from Friday. Make sure to check out the first book in this fun adventure series by Sam Bond.

Operation Golden Llama

Operation Golden Llama

$12.99 Paperback / $4.99 EBook
Series: Cousins In Action, Book 1
Genre: Adventure
Tag: 2016 Spring

The first book in the Cousins in Action series by Sam Bond. Dumped at their eccentric Grandma’s, Cagney, Olivia, Aidan, Lissy and Tess are convinced they’re in for a boring summer. But when Grandma gets a series of mysterious phone calls and a highly unlikely pet sitter arrives, the cousins find themselves jetting off to Peru, where their adventures have only just begun.

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